Why SeatData

Why SeatData

These are spectacular structures! Our site offers easy browsing to leap from one section to the next without the burden of ticket offers or ads. SeatData gives you the confidence that your view when you arrive will be what you expected. Seating charts are not to scale, and lifeless renderings are at the mercy of these scale errors. There is no substitute for an actual photo to give you an approximation that you can trust.

Sellers increase their conversion rate and elevate customer experience. SeatData section photos have been assisting ticket sales for fifteen years, and they have been A/B tested with every available scenario. The conclusion is in: Photos are the best companion content to have to protect your advertising investment and convert leads into money. Our inventory has all of the monetarily important sports venues and is always expanding.

Computer generated views cannot be trusted! The comparison below shows the same section from two different render sources to scale with our photo. In the “view” on the left, the perspective is too flat, making it look closer to the field than it really is. Since there are no actual people in it, you cannot tell how far away you are. Where is the river in their “view”? The perspective is wrong, so you can’t see it. If you examine the render closely, you will see a great number of inaccuracies. Perhaps this is why they do not offer it in a size you can really see. As for the render on the right, it is so bad its shameful.  You will notice it is even smaller.

This sums up the competition. It is either one of these renders or a photograph. We think the options speak for themselves. Would you hire someone to do a rendering like these for your next family portrait? Why Not?