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SeatData relies on fan support to operate.  We hope you’ll decide to join us and rest assured we will put your contribution to good use.

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SeatData licenses our inventory to high volume ticket broker websites and apps. We have many clients who have been using them for years with proven A/B test results. People have been shown to prefer real photographs over computer generated renderings. Our price is extremely competitive and will quickly generate more revenue than it costs to obtain and implement. We have a standard contract that can be tailored to suit your needs.

Single or multi-year terms with options.
Add your own watermark for branding.
You host and control the photographs.

Pricing is based on variables that include the amount of exposure and term length, how they are intended to be used, etc.

We confidently invite you to explore other options available to you and feel you will conclude that we are the best option in most circumstances. If you would like for your business to even the playing field with your competitors, contact us and learn about the no hassle solution we have to offer.



This option is for the privately owned ticket brokers that would like to use our inventory in a for-profit capacity. If you intend to profit from the use of our photos but do not generate enterprise-level volume, then this option is for you. Contact us and we will work out something for you that is very affordable and simple with some contractual protections for both parties. We aim to spread our costs fairly across our clients and this is a way to keep it balanced for everyone and make sure that there is a meeting of the minds about the intended use of the photographs.