I cannot log in to the new site / what happened to my lifetime access?

Only usernames and passwords from active subscriptions were added to the new site. On the old site there was a bug that allowed many users whose subscriptions had run out to still gain access to the site. This bug went unnoticed for years, leading some to believe that they had lifetime access. We have never offered this in our history…it has always been an annual subscription. If you were one of the lucky ones, we apologize for the shock of having it disappear on you. Nonetheless, if you do not have a payment to SeatData (or G2Web, Inc.) within the last year in your Paypal history or subscription payment list, you will need to sign up again. Our pricing is necessary for us to continue to provide the website to our members, and we thank everyone for understanding that this loophole was unfair to our paying members and needed to be corrected.

If you have paid within the last year and have an active subscription, use your email as your log in name. If you cannot make it work, please contact us for assistance.

How do I change my username?

One of the quirks of using the excellent foundation of WordPress for our site is that usernames cannot be changed once created in the system. This is something we do not control and we very much wish we could find a way to let you do this. In the meantime, if it is really important that you be able to change it, you can cancel your subscription when it is due and sign up with your new information. If you have an urgent need to do this, please contact us and we will try to assist you.

Are you affiliated with any professional franchises?

No.  We are just fans like you. We buy tickets to the events and travel. We are not affiliated in any way with pro sports teams, we do not speak for them or represent them, and they do not assist us. We are nonetheless promoting their product, which is very much worthy of that.

Is SeatData non-profit?

SeatData is a technically a for-profit business. However, the reality is that the business does not cover our time and effort at even the lowest of minimum wages. This is a labor of love. Your annual membership helps keep SeatData running and the money is used to refresh and expand the photo library. We are also a proud supporter of the Special Olympics, and every membership helps sponsor an athlete.

Why do you charge for a membership?

We have found it necessary to charge for the use of our photos due to the tremendous time and expense it takes to keep it running. If we could afford to do this as a pure hobby, we would.

May I use the photos on my business website?

Under the individual license, the answer is no. We offer affordable licensing for small business as well as a negotiated license for enterprise level ticket brokers. We encourage the use of our photos, but we ask for a commensurate level of support based on exposure and use levels.

May I use the photos to help sell my personal tickets?

Absolutely. This is one of the great values of becoming a member…you can embed the view from your section in your Craigslist  ad, eBay ad, etc. Simply click on the link at the bottom of any section photo and it will explain how to get the embed code. We simply ask that if you do it for a high volume on a monthly basis that you obtain a small business license from us.

May I submit a photo if one is missing?

The short answer is yes.
We make every effort to get a photo that represents each section of the venue, but since we have no affiliation with the teams, we occasionally run into snags. While it is our preference that pictures come from a single set for reasons of continuity and quality control,  it makes a lot of sense for us to say yes to this question. Whether we are missing one photo or the entire stadium, the cost for us to rectify it is the same. Therefore the best choice for situations where only a few pictures are missing is that we offer a reward for fans to helps us.  Please visit the “Take Photos for Us” link at the bottom of any page for details. You will need to adhere to some important restrictions and instructions.

May I use your seating charts for my business?

We do not have have a built-in mechanism for this.  We are however very proud of our charts and have built them from scratch to make them as accurate and readable as possible.  Contact us and we can figure something out if you are interested. Please do not use them for your business without first obtaining a license from us.