Selling Tickets

Selling Tickets

Selling your tickets

If you are looking to resell your tickets, first consider these points:

  • Motive: Do I have to sell them or am I fishing for a profit?
  • Timing: How far in advance am I selling them?
  • Hassle: How much is convenience worth in dollars?
  • Market: Is the game sold out or a dud?
  • Execution: Where, How, and at What price should I list the tickets?


Fishing for Profit

If you will go to the game if your tickets do not sell, then you probably have a price in mind that would trump your desire to attend. Before you do anything, look at the ticket aggregator websites to find the price range of listings with the same general value of your seats. If this price is what you had in mind, and there is sufficient time for them to be on the market, then listing them makes sense. If your price is too high, they probably will not sell unless there is something unique about them. Tickets are a commodity, and they need some time to sell.

Must Sell

If you really want some money for your tickets, list them at the low end of market price and as early as you possibly can. If all else fails, get to the game early and try to find a scalper that is adding to their inventory. They will only do this if there is plenty of time before the game.

Where to List?

There are many options, and the best depends on your style and goals. Some additional points to consider:

  • Exposure vs. Fees:  Large marketplaces (StubHub, eBay) have high fees but will hook you up with a large number of buyers. The very essence of their existence is the power derived from having a lot of people visit their website. These are excellent places to sell tickets but be sure to calculate your bottom line before you list.  Also, they may make you jump through hoops to ensure you are a legitimate seller and take precautions against fraud. If the event is a tough sell, this is your best shot.
  • Convenience: The team’s ticket exchanges are extremely convenient and also have a large amount of buyers. The hassle free approach is something to seriously consider, and you may not be giving up much in terms of exposure. Smart ticket buyers always look to the team’s website first, and your tickets will be shown along side primary tickets. This is the best all-around option for most sellers that are not fishing for a profit or dumping tickets to a lightly regarded event. The problem is that the exchange may not allow you to list them at the price you desire if it is too low as they must protect their primary inventory until the event is sold out. Profit seekers will be undermined by the primary ticket offers if the event is not sold out.
  • Risk vs. Reward: The riskiest methods can produce good results if that is your style.  Craigslist can avoid fees as well as fetch an above market price from an unseasoned buyer, but you could very well be wasting your time. Or even more risky, be your own scalper and sell them the old-fashioned way. Make sure it is not illegal in your area and never do it on team property. These methods are not for everyone, and given the convenience and results of the other options, should be relegated to extremists only.
  • Late to the Gate: If it is the last minute, just try to find a scalper and take what they are willing to give you just to pay for some nachos or a soda. A burned ticket is always a tragic waste.


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